There is something about the solidity of stone, the inherent beauty that is hidden in its depths, just waiting to be released, that makes stone carving, for me, an act of pure joy.

Sculpture thus becomes a question of contrast and balance. Although most of my sculptures are highly polished, I purposely leave some of the raw stone exposed to remind people of the stone's beginnings. I want the interplay of the rough and the smooth in my work to elicit surprise from the viewer and expose them to the inherent beauty of the stone.

Stone to me is soft, sensuous and organic. That is why many of my sculptures are based on the human form. It is important to me that people touch my work since sculpture is a truly tactile art form. Many of my pieces have openings in them so that you have the solid mass of the stone poised against the lightness of the surrounding air. The play between light, air, and stone is very important since I want you to see how my sculptures interact with the world that surrounds them.

Randy Mersel Goldberger